Monday, March 29, 2010

Mmmm...Smells Like Fashion Passion

Although I still love making hats, I have found that my passion has expanded into other areas of creativity to include jewelry making, sewing clothing and sharing in my sisters desire of making handbags not to mention my ongoing obsession with scrapbooking.  I have found that this new "Fashion Passion" has driven me so far as to look into going back to school for a degree in fashion design; an investment of 4 years and $70K.

If I have already graduated from college for a COMPLETELY different career, how long are my college credits good for?  Will they transfer from one state to another?

Granted, I am really not looking forward to spending my days, nights, weekends, holidays and vacations working but it is a small sacrifice and a means to an end.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can increase my sewing, pattern making, and draping skills in the meantime?  I have taken some sewing classes and found that they are completely worthless and took nothing away from them that I didn't already know.

If this life-altering mindset isn't enough, I find that while I sit at work I can only think about my projects at home and wish I had my hands on some fabric and a sewing machine.  Ah the trials of life!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Jewelry: Every Woman NEEDS It!!!

Jewelry is an essential component to every womans wardrobe whether it be fine jewelry or costume jewelry.  Lately I have been losing my confidence in my millinery skills so I have taken a short break to work on making jewelry, another crafty subject that I am passionate about.

I needed some inspiration so I went on Etsy and started perusing the thousands of pages of jewelry from very skilled artisans and came across a necklace that I LOVE!

I loved it so much it prompted me to see what else she had to offer and Hand Head Heart did not disappoint because I found another favorite.

It's amazing, simply looking at her amazing work makes you feel like a beautiful woman.  Please, Please, Please, go and check out Hand Head Heart and compliment her on her AMAZING work.

Hmmm...wonder what I could do to get my husband to buy one for me????  Any ideas?

Thank you Hand Head Heart for being an inspiration to me.  Your beautiful work and craftsmanship give me a goal to aspire to.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Our eyes! Probably one of our most notable features and daily we highlight and paint in our quest to keep them enhanced and noticeable. It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. A fellow Etsian, KristynsKreations, has adorned these vital windows with some distinctive eye masks. What better way to tuck in our peepers than with one of these beautiful masks. Check them out at Be good to your mind and body by getting your nightly rest but don’t forget the portal to your innermost being.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Paper, Paper, and Even MORE Paper

 That's right this post is all about gorgeous wonderful and beautiful paper.  While reading through the Etsy newsletter, a fellow Etsian was highlighted for her ability to capture the story of her products by taking amazing photos.  Currently, one of our big focuses is to find a way to capture the true story of our products through photography, a difficult and challenging task.

Before I continue, let me point something sister and I, as well as a good handful of our friends, are avid scrapbooker's and my personal biggest weakness is the amazing paper you can find.  I find it more important than even the embellishments because it is the foundation of each and every page; it sets the tone and can easily convey the story of the photo on your page without speaking over it.

So this paper weakness is carried even further to include a passion, yes passion, for amazing stationary.  Thus ushers in our fellow Etsian with the amazing photography and even more amazing paper, Paperama.  Take a look, by going to and perusing her amazing products and delve into a world of paper.

It is a difficult choice, but one of my favorites is this memo pocket to organize cards, paper and other miscellaneous items of the like.  It's beautiful, it's unique and best of all it’s handmade.  She has a myriad of other products that range from note cards to DIY book binding kits...which, as a book lover, I MUST have.  Aren't they adorable?

Plus, take a look at her photography skills!  The close-ups, the simplicity, it all tells a story and conveys her passion for paper and the organization of paper that I find infectious.

Take a moment to peruse through Etsy to find Paperama and many other artists who sell items they created with their hands and their hearts.