Monday, March 15, 2010

Jewelry: Every Woman NEEDS It!!!

Jewelry is an essential component to every womans wardrobe whether it be fine jewelry or costume jewelry.  Lately I have been losing my confidence in my millinery skills so I have taken a short break to work on making jewelry, another crafty subject that I am passionate about.

I needed some inspiration so I went on Etsy and started perusing the thousands of pages of jewelry from very skilled artisans and came across a necklace that I LOVE!

I loved it so much it prompted me to see what else she had to offer and Hand Head Heart did not disappoint because I found another favorite.

It's amazing, simply looking at her amazing work makes you feel like a beautiful woman.  Please, Please, Please, go and check out Hand Head Heart and compliment her on her AMAZING work.

Hmmm...wonder what I could do to get my husband to buy one for me????  Any ideas?

Thank you Hand Head Heart for being an inspiration to me.  Your beautiful work and craftsmanship give me a goal to aspire to.

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