Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Curve Ball

Well, well, well, life certainly can throw you a curve ball that hits you right on the side of the head.

I am an adult woman of the ripe age of...well let's not worry about the actual number let's just say that I am an adult woman and leave it at that. I recently learned that I had to have a surgery that many have as a child and for good reason. I went in on a Wednesday and learned that I needed to have my tonsils removed on the following Tuesday. I was warned by many that it is very difficult for an adult to recover from a tonsillectomy whereas children practically bounce right back. Not that having any kind of surgery is a day, week or month of fun but I am really over all of this. I am a healthy person who eats healthy, takes all of my vitamins and exercises regularly, it seems that it should be enough but this one counts as my 8th surgery and frankly I am quite fed up with all of it.

I would rather not go into too much detail on all the others but I have had many common and a few uncommon surgeries and at this point I should weigh practically nothing with all of the extraneous organs having been removed. Too bad it doesn't really work that way.

Have I paid my dues? Am I working off some negative karma that I am unaware of? Whatever the answer may be I am sending out a heartfelt apology to the universe with a plea that my healing time be hastened and that these types of events cease for both me and my family and friends altogether.

Any healing thoughts and prayers I gladly welcome and return them to you 3 fold. Is there something else I should be doing? You healthy people out there, I implore you, please give me any of your advice to live even healthier I am obviously forgetting to do something.

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