Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Don't Give Up on Us

I know we have been a little behind on new postings on our blog but don't give up on us, we are simply in a transitional state and time is being eaten away rather rapidly.

The "New Challenge" is still on and I even have my first project on the horizon.  What's more, Andie and I are expanding and changing our line to include clothes that will be featured very soon in our boutique at Smashing Darling so stay tuned for that.  Because clothes are much harder to make and take a lot longer, the process is still in the works trying to build up our inventory.

Pictures and a new posting will be showing up soon because I was given a table cloth to work with to refashion into something wearable.  I have a few ideas in mind but would love it if you have some ideas that you can challenge me with to create.

The material is a large round patchwork table cloth so give me your suggestions in the comments!!!

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