Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hobby or Career?

I have found my interests lately flowing strongly towards sewing and the like.  Although the perfectionist side of me really fights the errors that I inevitably make, I can't stop wanting to work on the next project then the next project then the next.  I search high and low for pattern after pattern and I visit my favorite store, the fabric store, to search through the thousands of beautiful fabrics they have to find that one that will show off my new coveted pattern.

So is it likely that I can make this hobby into a career that can help to provide for my family or will this forever remain a hobby?  I find myself day dreaming at my regular job about being at home sewing and it makes me go crazy inside.  Is it a pipe dream or is it actually possible to make money doing what I love?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated I am at the end of my sanity, which isn't saying much, and I have read through countless books offering up suggestions on how to do just that, make your hobby into your career but it seems that what I think is beautiful and sure to sell, no one else shares the sentiment.


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