Thursday, July 15, 2010

The New Challenge

Okay, so I have begun to sew actual clothes that I wear out into the real world.  Clothes that I am actually proud to sell, garments that I am proud to stamp our name on.

Because my items are turning out better than I anticipated, I have decided to initiate a challenge inspired by the blog with a slight twist.  I need to better my skills at seeing beyond what is before my eyes and redesigning using upcycled garments to create a one-of-a-kind and beautiful garment that I can wear or sell.  However, the caviat is that I, myself, will not be picking out the garments they will, instead, be purchased by my Mother and my Sister.

Perhaps one day they will see a garment that they find the material is beautiful and something they would love to see find new life, or they may decide (insert wicked laugh) to find the ugliest item in the resale shop to see if ANYTHING can come of it.  One more little twist, in my favor, the budget is no more than $5 per item rather than the $1 price tag initiated by "New Dress A Day"...yeah!!

I will be documenting my progress here, good or bad, and will sell any item that I can bear to part with at our Etsy is of course if it is actually sellable.

Keep your fingers crossed and comments coming, I would love to hear back from anyone and everyone.

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