Monday, February 15, 2010

Etsy and Etsian's Unite

If you are signed up with Etsy and receive their "Etsy Success" e-mails AND have read them, then you no doubt realize the wealth of knowledge within those e-mails. Granted the relationship between Etsy and its Etesian’s is symbiotic, but the information that is given is like a GPS for the struggling artist. It's like a road map to the next step in becoming an amazing and successful entrepreneur. Moreover, I find it even more amazing and enlightening that Etesian’s even try and help each other become successes and isn't that the way we should be living anyway? Imagine how different our lives would be if we felt empowered by helping others, even our competitors, to succeed. Imagine how enriched our lives would be were we to feel sympathy and empathy for everyone regardless. I realize what I am saying has been regurgitated a million times before but this kind of pathology in man is so hard to come by that each and every time I encounter it, I am in awe. It is a small step in the evolution of mankind that could change the landscape of our thoughts for eternity. A small and delicate butterfly flaps its wings and causes a tidal wave that envelopes an entire city, theoretically. Befitting symbolism, don't you think? That is why I say Etsy and Etesian’s, artists and artisans unite. If we know how to live together, thrive together, and be happy together, why don't we stand up and teach the world? We are leaders, so why don't we lead? We are creative, so why don't we create? Perpetuate the movement that began long before me and will continue to struggle long after I am gone and let’s show generations to come that no matter the struggle, no matter the sacrifice, no matter what, we will persevere.

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