Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The YoYo Lifestyle

Am I alone or is anyone else sick and tired of fad this and fad that? Everything from cars, to clothes, to diets, even the fad "facts" are a sad nature that is stagnating in its complexity. A few years ago drinking from a can would give you cancer, now it doesn't...enough of the yo-yoing!!!! I am the first one to admit that nothing in life is a guarantee and in the infamous words of Francois de la Rochefoucauld, "the only thing constant in life is change". At the drop of a hat your organized life becomes chaotic and a constant in your life is demolished and life as you know it has changed forever. This post is not going to be a Debbie Downer it is merely a statement of exasperation that began many lifetimes ago and is perpetually driven forward generation after generation. Women are beautiful. Women have a beautiful form that can easily be appreciated by both sexes, even setting aside sexual orientation. Why do we allow ourselves to be roped into the fads of what we should be rather than what we want to be? I'm not going to say that I am immune to this, in fact I am greatly infected (and affected) by this disease of needing to be thin, needing to be in style, needing to be in the right this and the right that and frankly my energy is waning. I have started experimenting with the clothes I have refusing to purchase anything else and I must say it is opening up my world. Now, a great leg-up for me is that I sew and am a milliner so I am able to make new things or even revamp new things if I truly wanted. However, I am very devoted to making things to post in our Etsy shop so much that I don't take time out to work on my own items so I am left with what I already have. It is liberating...its redundancy creates a fluidity that allows me to live a freer and truer life. I welcome each of you to enter into this world and be a better woman for it.

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