Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank you HumbleBumbleB & ThreadBanger

When I discovered that I truly had a passion for hats I was completely lost and didn't know where to start. I started researching on the internet and found a very informing video posted on ThreadBanger of the proprietor of, Brenda, making one of her signature hats. Her business name is an apt description because she was generous enough to share one of her patterns which gave me the confidence I needed to venture out and create my own patterns and designs. Without her inspiration I'm not sure where I would be today.

With that in mind, Andie, my sister and business partner, discovered that her crafty and creative side ventured further than she anticipated. She began to fall in love with sewing and was delighted when she discovered that she could mix her passion (and obsession) with handbags with her newfound passion of sewing. Thus began VinChic Designs.

Very soon you will see another member joining in with her own creations, our mother, Diane, but that will be a surprise that I beg you to come back and discover for yourself.

One final item is a shout-out to ThreadBanger for the endless amounts of creativity they have inspired and their ability to mold everyone into an environmentalist. Though I have only recently discovered them, I have watched every episode they have on their website and hunger each and every week for more. Rob and Corinne's personalities are contagious and their passion and knowledge are overwhelming. Their friend and co-star Meg also has an addicting show and her spunky and kitschy personality make you fall in love with her.

I encourage everyone to take an example from both HumbleBumbleB and ThreadBanger and support the handmade movement as well as your local thrift stores and always remember to recycle.

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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself. When I was attempting to board the "sewing" train and trying to discover what branch of crafting was for me, it was ThreadBanger that really helped me to find my way.

    I would also like to echo Heather's comment about HumbleBumbleB. Brenda was kind enough to share her template and show you what she does. You felt as if you were being taken under her wing. I found that very comforting being a newbie to the biz.

    Much thanks and well wishes!